FEES LISTED BY Emergency Dentist of Los Angeles  (Current as of October 15, 2017)  fees updated by request
Below are fees and payment policy listed by the Emergency Dentist.


All emergency care are by cash only in full payment.  ATM is within walking distance or please come prepared.   No more payment plans due to previous collections issues.  No discounts or coupons accepted for emergency care.  Full payment is due at time of service.  Thank you. 

IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE:  We cannot verify your insurance during after hours so we are cash only.   We may be able to provide insurance form for you to bill your insurance.  You will get a check from insurance directly for the amount you are eligible to receive.  Every insurance is different.   Insurance billing is a free service when available.  No payment plans.

Estimate of typical Emergency Care fees:    (These are the fees and policy listed by the Emergency Dentist of Los Angeles)  Updated October 15, 2017

Office Visit/Examination and diagnosis: $175  (required for all services)

Xrays: $120  for all necessary xrays to diagnose your dental problem.  (required for all services)

Extreme toothache/Headache:  Removal of tooth nerve/drain swelling: $385-580 depending on case.  Front/Anterior tooth is less than molars due to complexity of the tooth.  Infected teeth are more than non-infected tooth due to more anesthetics needed.  We will use proper techniques and dosages of anesthetic such that you will feel comfortable during the procedures.  Please bear in mind that infected tooth is often times very difficult to numb up. 

Extraction of tooth: $275-$465 depending on tooth  (molars usually cost more to treat.)

Treatment of any trauma:  starting at $680 and up depending on severity of the trauma.  Tooth loose or displaced from a fall or a blow of some sort.  This procedure can potentially save your tooth.  Get help immediately if you have this type of trauma!  Timing is important.

Bonding for chipped or broken tooth (cosmetic purposes):  $385  per tooth* depending on size can be higher.       *Your tooth will look normal again after this treatment.

Creating a new crown for lost crown/tooth (cosmetic dentistry):  $645

Recementation of crown:  $295  (typically not a 24hr emergency--call between 7am-4pm)

Antibiotics/Pain medications Rx and local delivery of antimicrobials:  $145  (Highly recommeded if you're diagnosed with infection.)

Sedation:  $360 (optional for high anxiety individuals)

After Hours Office Visit:  $100   (nights and weekend services--This fee will be accessed on top of regular office visit fees)   Sometimes Dr. will drive long distances to meet with you for your dental pain/emergency. 

After Hours Phone Initial Consultation and Prescription Service:  $240.  This service is done over the phone with Dr. Feng and is useful when traveling is difficult or if the dentist is unavaible to be at the office.  Prescription is called in to your nearest pharmacy based on a telephone interview.  This prescrption service is only done by phone and thus we will accept credit card payment.  It is highly recommended that you book a face to face appointment immediatly with your dentist when he or she becomes available. 

***We Offer Discount off the After-Hour Fees ($100) to You as a Cash Patient.  Regular/Insurance for after hours visit where Dr. is called in, is normally $240. 

NOTE:  We are located in the World Trade Center building in downtown Los Angeles at the cross street of 4th St. and Figueroa St.  Although there are plenty of convenient parking in the building itself, parking rates are listed at the entrance and we no longer can provide parking validations.  (Our landload took awary our parking priviledges during the last least renewal.  Sorry.) 

Doctor is on emergency call 24 hours a day for emergency care.  This is a very unique service for our community.  We Serve Los Angeles and Orange County.

If the call doe not go through, call multiple times every 5 minutes.  Doctor should answer... unless cell phone reception problems.

(818) 794-9251

DOCTOR IS IN/OUT:  (818) 794-9251
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