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Insider Pages Reviews for Feng James C DDS

David P.

Has anyone experienced the pain that leads to having a root canal? I had that experience over the Fourth of July weekend...at 1:00 AM. I called Dr. Feng at 1:00 AM and he actually met me at his office in 30 min. and made the pain go away in minutes. He then took some x-rays and said that I needed a root canal. He started the procedure immediately and finished it off in the morning. What a trooper...
I would recommend Dr. Feng very highly to anyone...I couldn't reach my regular dentist.

July 08, 2011

dental service
Jasmine G. | Insider Expert | Rank: 12,357

this dental office is the best they have great service and attend to their patients vey well. they dont keep you waiting very long and they are very cleaning and neat.

January 12, 2010

Yelp Reviews for Feng James C DDS

Dr. Feng treated me with care and the best dental care I needed.
Kathleen R.

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Feng has been my dentist for over 8 yrs and I have a good story about my experience with him as my dentist.

I myself , am what I would describe as a dental torture survivor from the mid 1960's.   The dental experience so severe that during my life I would not go to a dentist unless it was beyond an emergency.  

Eight years ago I had some money and thought about what could I do for myself that would be most important and last for years.   I decided the time had come to do the dental nightmare and found Dr. Feng on one of the "makeover" sites online.   I thought that if I went to a cosmetic dentist that he would zoom through the dental problems (my biggest fear) and focus on the actual best possible outcome for my appearance.  

I am not a normal person at the dentist.   I cry in the waiting room, I have bitten a dentist hands while they are in my mouth, I cry the whole time and just about have a heart attack from the experience.  Yes I am the patient from hell.    Knowing in advance my behavior at a dentist it was very important that I find a dentist that I can feel comfortable with and that was sensitive to all my terrors while at their office and of course a dentist that would accept me as a client.

There are alot of dentist that will not see someone like me, too much trouble.  I had to be totally honest with Dr. Feng so he knew in advance what to expect.    For those of you that know him you will agree when I say he is soft spoken, gentle, sensitive to your pain and could not be a nicer person.   

Long story short, he did all the horrible things that regular dentist take forever, multiple appointments, pain and suffering in an unusual short time.  Every tooth in my mouth needed work.     I had the combo solutions done, veneers, bridges, etc, and walked out of his office with the huge smile and happy girl.    I think it took 3 months total.

After years of being self concious of not smiling ear to ear with all my teeth showing was over.    The experience gave me added self esteem, better health, and so so worth every penny.     Sounds corny but it changed my life.

Today everything that Dr. Feng did remains perfect with no problems.
He is the best dentist I could have ever found and could never repay him for all the personal improvements I received from this experience.

He is sincerely a wonderful person.    I have never waited more than maybe 5 minutes in his waiting room, there is rarely if ever any other patients there when I have an appt. so he is always completely focused on what he is doing with you.    I think his prices are competitive for what excellent care you receive.   He was my dental shrink and my help every tooth dentist.    I am a better person from knowing Dr. Feng.   

Dr. Feng treated me with care and the best dental care I needed.
I recieved many compliments on my new and improved smile which is something I like doing, smiling.    I am happy now, 8 yrs later with all the work that he did on my teeth.    I could not imagine going to a different dentist.


A Great Dentist!
John B.

Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Feng has been my dentist since 2004. I was recommended to him by one of his clients when I had a tooth break suddenly. He saw me immediately and took care of it. He is the best!

He is very professional with a gentle hand and an impressive knowledge of his craft. He is affordable, friendly and extremely nice! ;-) He is complimented by a friendly and caring staff in the office. 

He has perfomed all of my general tooth cleaning as well as much more involved dentistry (tooth extraction, root canals, crowns...etc.) and I have never experienced any out of the ordinary pain. It has always, surprisingly, been minimal discomfort. I have been back to normal within a matter of hours after having intricate procedures perfomed by Dr. Feng.

A great dentist! I have always recommended him to people who are looking for a new dentist. And now I have put it out there for all to see on YELP!

Oh yeah, he has the coolest retro dentist chairs in his downtown office. Very cool!

Parking in the building is covered by the good doctor!

Go see him!!!

I am truly grateful.
Jason B.

Phoenix, AZ
My wife and I were on vacation in Los Angeles and I was experiencing intense tooth pain. Dr. Feng returned to his office on a Friday evening and performed the necessary procedures, including a partial root canal, as well as extraction of another tooth.  He also spent time educating me about the various steps I needed to take in my dental care upon returning to Phoenix.  By the time I was in the parking lot, he had already e-mailed me the x-rays to show my regular dentist, as well as detailed follow-up instructions for the procedure. I work with many health care professionals within my job, and I have never been more impressed with a health care provider than Dr. Feng. I am truly grateful, and my wife and I were then able to enjoy the rest of our vacation without the pain I was experiencing.  Thank you!

Jason J. Baker, Ph.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist


Professional Dentist
Pain K.

Santa Monica, CA
honest and proffesional dentist


He's always willing to take the time to talk to me about my questions/concerns.
Kate W.

Topanga, CA
So, my teeth are short and fat and my roots are abnormally long - lol... I had gone to many other dentists and they just didn't cut it.

Enter Dr. Feng. (My mom picked him out over the internet - Good Job Mom!)

Seriously, Dr. Feng is the best dentist I've ever been to. He's kind, professional, affordable and accommodating. His staff is so sweet. They give you headphones with symphony music so you can ignore the drilling! :D And they validate!

He was the only dentist I've found who accommodates my weird roots w/ proper tools (he had to order them... lol)

And he's always willing to take the time to talk to me about my questions/concerns.

As long as I live in LA, he'll be my dentist.


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